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Chip tuning configurator coming soon with all vehicle manufacturers

Chip tuning is an effective way to increase the performance of naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. The increase in performance is achieved solely by changing the parameters of the engine control - no engine or add-on parts have to be exchanged.
Depending on the area of ​​application and customer requirements, various expansion stages can be implemented. Whether a moderate increase in performance for everyday use or high-performance chip tuning, TurboLogic is the right contact for all matters relating to chip tuning
A CHIP TUNING configurator will be available to you shortly!
The following services are also available to you:
Swirl flaps / intake manifold flaps off, kickdown off, launch control, engine control unit in factory condition, soot particle filter, DPF OFF, exhaust gas recirculation AGR OFF, IMM/EWS OFF, error codes OFF, AdBlue OFF, start stop OFF, throttle valve OFF, air mass meter OFF, lambda OFF, fuel cut-off, Pop & Pang, limiter, torque monitoring, hot start problems, unlock sports display, deactivate cold start, calibrate boost pressure sensor, OBD lock, Vmax cancellation, tune map switch, individual votes for turbo conversion.
We also offer you the service of DPF / OPF cleaning!